KTC History

Agent contract with JAPAX
A member of KOTRA
Started in the development of small Hole EDM(Electrical Discharge Machine)
Launched into USA, UK, CANADA market with KTC brand
Developed MK-814NC (Auto Hole drilling)
Developed in Korea ‘ s first machining circuit for EDM
Selected the developing small and medium industrial company by KITECH
July . Selected the developing small and medium industrial company by the representative of SMBA
Aug. KOTRA member 
February . Developed EZ*DRILL 
March . Launched into Germany market
April .
Launched into England market
Developed EDM-DR (Broken Tab Remover)
November. December .
Certified by ” S ” & ” CE ” (EZ*DRILL)
Launched into Malaysia market
Launched into Pakistan market
Developed SD2M (Larger power supply machine)
Launched into Turkey market
Started in development of small hole EDM machine( Ø 0.05mm- Ø 0.30mm) and certified by “ CE ” ( SD1M )
January . Developed Ezen (Semi CNC Machine)
March . Developed Ez-Master (CNC Machine)
September. Developed Artras (CNC with Automatic Electrode Changer )
April . Developed E zen plus (Touch Screen)
September. Developed EDB-640 Series (CNC with Automatic Electrode Changer )
May . Developed EDB-435F, EDB-435
December. Developed CNC EDB-740