Max See History

1985 Year of Established
1987 R&D for CNC EDM
1989 Introducing 1st CNC EDM
1990 Introducing 1st ZNC EDM
1993 Expand production facility
1994 R&D for Wire EDM
1995 Introducing 1st Wire EDM
Introducing 1st Drill EDM
1996 Acquired CE certificates
1997 ISO 9002 approved
1998 Developed 5 axes CNC EDM
1999 Developed dual head CNC EDM
2000 Established new office in China, Pinghu Center Computer Co., Ltd.
2001 Developed 6 axes CNC drill EDM
2003 Established new facility in China, Center Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd
2004 ISO9001 approved in Shanghai facility
2005 Developed Auto Wire Threading for Wire EDM
2006 Introduce High Speed Mill Machine
2008 Introduce new drill series, SDR56
2010 Developed real time monitoring system for machining center/Wire EDM/EDM
2011 Maxsee’s Auto Wire Treading system filed under US patent No. US7,923,656 B2
(Date of Patent issued: Apr. 12, 2011)